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"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction"

 - Henry Ford

What Is

The Dream Factory?

The Dream Factory was formed to assist entrepreneurs and owners of SME's (small to medium size enterprises) to achieve their business dreams. The team works with businesses throughout the UK providing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and contacts.

Most of us when starting a business, or for that matter when running a successful SME, do so with very limited knowledge and a skill set often lacking in some of the essential business disciplines. This lack of knowledge results in failure of the business for many, for others it severely hinders and slows down the realisation of their business dreams.

Rather than employing managers and directors at great cost to provide the specific knowledge needed for their business to flourish, many of our clients have realised the benefits of working with our team of experts. Our team are able to provide the advice, guidance, and reassurance needed in any particular business discipline such as financial, business planning, sales, marketing, human resources, and operational challenges.

So, you may be wondering who these experts and consultants are?  They come from a variety of backgrounds such as accountancy, business and management professionals, compliance experts, information technology, and sales leaders.  Some of our team are successful entrepreneurs who have founded businesses and gone on to successfully exit their business; therefore realising their own personal business dreams.

All of them have many years of experience working with companies just like yours.  They are able to assist you through the many and varied stages you will face whilst achieving your own business dreams.

Challenges such as start up, dealing with times of adversity, expansion, restructuring, right through to exit strategies and negotiations during a business sale or merger are common issues the team deal with daily.

Choose the Help YOU Need

Business Start Up Advice & Planning

The majority of businesses fail in their first two years due to basic errors, naivity, and poor planning.  Don't be one of the failures, by working alongside The Dream Factory you will negate most of the risks and stand a far better chance of turning your business dreams into reality.

Fundraising & Investment

Allow The Dream Factory to help you seek funding for your projects, expansion, and capital requirements.  As industry innovators we can introduce you to funding sources to meet your specific requirements. Whether short term funding or long term capital requirements need addressing we are here to help.

Business Restructuring

In times of growth, or adversity businesses of all sizes often face the need to restructure the organisation. An outside and impartial viewpoint will often eliminate personal loyalties and difficult situations; profit, stability, and long term goals will be the focus.

Expansion, Sales, and Marketing

Many business owners are skilled in their own particular fields of expertise but struggle to let the outside world know about their skills.  The Dream Factory can work with you to market and sell your products and services.  Our skilled experts, using tried and tested methods will get you results.  This approach is found to be far more cost effective than your own underperforming sales and marketing staff.

Project Management

A business move, restructure, redundancies, expansion, new contract integration, and many more situations are often critical to the success of a business but very few SME's have the resource to handle such projects.  The Dream Factory are able to supply the resource for you in these instances to ensure your project runs smoothly and integrates with the rest of your business seemlessly and problem free.

Compliance & Regulatory Issues

Complying with legislation such as Health and Safety, Data Protection, Fire Safety, Trade Waste, Trading Standards, Food Safety, Employment Legislation, Industry Accreditations, etc can be an absolute nightmare.  Every year hundreds of business owners are prosecuted for falling foul of legislation through ignorance.  Let the consultants at The Dream Factory act as your compliance experts.

Adversity Assistance & Negotiation

There are times when things don't go quite to plan for most businesses, it's at times like these that impartial, professional advice is needed to resolve your problems and even negotiate with creditors and assist with cost savings.

Non Executive Directors

To achieve the very best results for our clients we are able to provide an experienced advisor to work alongside you as a Non Executive Director.   Usually working on a part time basis but available 24/7 they will assist you to make major decisions and steer the business along the pathway to success.  Just think of the peace of mind this will provide and how it will increase your chances of turning your business dreams into reality, and usually for less than the cost of a junior member of management.

Sales - Mergers - Acquisitions

Sales , mergers, and acquisitions are possibly  the most confusing time for  an SME owner or entrepreneur.  The processes are extremely complex  and mistakes can be very costly.  If you would like to achieve financial security by cashing in, and selling your business, or you are a larger organisation looking to merge, or acquire  a business with the correct synergies  and  potential please get in touch.



"With such fantastic advice and guidance we were able to quickly negotiate our company's management buy out.  Throughout the process we had the reassurance of knowing that we had expert knowledge and experience on our side".

"The help and advice we have been given has allowed the business to grow at an unbelievable rate, it wouldn't have been possible without having access to this expertise".


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