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"When your back is against the wall there is only one thing to do, and that is turn around and fight."

- John Major

Adversity Assistance & Negotiation

It's every entrepreneur's nightmare, the business they have put their heart and soul into hits upon hard times.

At some time in every entrepreneur's career they have both good times and bad times.  When you are having the good times everyone is your friend and life can be very good, banks tend to throw money at you when you least need it, and customers want to deal with you. 

Unfortunately when you have hit a bad spell in your business career, or the company you have invested so much time and effort into is not doing quite as well as you had hoped, things are totally different.  Your staff look elsewhere for job security, it's difficult to get finance and loans to help you through the bad patch, and keeping your customers loyal; never mind attracting new ones is often an uphill battle.

It's at times like this that many people bury their heads in the sand hoping the problems will go away; unfortunately they don't!  Immediate action is required before it is too late and insolvency is upon you.

The Dream Factory will advise you and work closely with you at these times to help you trade out of the situation, putting you back on path to achieving your original business dreams.

We are able to source refinancing if needed to trade through the times of adversity and pay off creditors.  We are also very skilled at negoatiating with creditors such as banks, finance companies, utility companies, suppliers, and HMRC to obtain time to pay agreements allowing you the breathing space needed to put recovery plans in place.

If you are experiencing a difficult time at present and would like to have a confidential discussion please get in touch now; before it's too late.


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